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Hello Fellow Bloggers I am going to do game reviews on this page, please comment telling me what games I should review and also please give feedback

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Hey guys today I will be reviewing a game called Smite

Smite is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where you get get to play as a god (Greek,Chinese,Hindu,Roman etc) and do different multiplayer gamemodes and it is really good to play with a friend you can earn more gods with favor which you get by winning matches.

Smite was really great to play with my friends and is a great game but I think it should be easier to level up.

Smite gets a whopping 9.9/10 bananas go try the game now with a friend!!


Hey guys today I will be reviewing a game called portal: still alive image
As suggested by rytrain, portal: still alive is the first game in the portal series but I still keep coming back for more, portal: still alive is an amazing game that forces you to use your brain but before I tell you about the gameplay let me tell you the story.
The game starts as your character wakes up in a glass room when you wake up you look around and see that there is a toilet too and then you hear a weird computery voice that is telling you that humans have been studied and you are ready for testing and then a portal opens up on the wall so you step through it and look at the glass room and you see the portal you stepped through and you see that you are a girl (your name is chell) you walk through a door you see and you walk into a test chamber you walk in and you hear the voice again telling you that if you complete all of the tests you will be rewarded with cake as you progress through the game you hear the voice talking about the cake more and more frequently and also when you progress through the game you find little hideouts that have writing in them and also during the later tests you gain the portal gun which is awesome!! For an example you could shoot a blue portal in your room and shoot one in the backyard now when you step through the one In the backyard you will come out of the one in your room and vice versa.
In one of the test chambers the voice tells you that after that test you will get cake then after the test there are sights everywhere pointing you to the cake then you step on a platform and you go down and the voice try’s to burn you by moving the platform into a fire pit but you portal your way out and into the facility and the voice gets angry with you then you have to progress through the facility to get to the voice and when you get there you have to defeat the voice/robot by using her missiles against it and after you defeat her the facility explodes and then you are on the floor with the robots dead body and then it takes you to a screen with cake then a claw puts out the candle then the credits start.
The gameplay was awesome I loved destroying turrets it was awesome!! But the design of chell was terrible and I think that could be better so portal gets flipping 8/10 portal guns, well done valve!!

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